The Finest Tennis Bracelets
Our 14K tennis bracelets bracelets are made in New York by the same craftsmen who make our Add-a-Links. Our assembly method is the same - 14k wire and tubes - to insure superior wearability and durability for your bracelet. Additionally we can build ours to custom sizes and, should the need arise over time, add or remove a link from existing bracelets to adjust the size as necessary. Available from 2 CT TDW on up.

Fancy Color Cushion Cuts
18K gold and rare natural yellow and brown cushion cut diamonds. These are one-of-a-kind items that cannot be replicted. The total diamond weights range from 7 to 10 CT depending on the selection of diamonds used. These are statement pieces for those who truly appreciate natural color diamonds and fine craftsmanship.

Pave Hinged Bangles
We hand set one, two or three rows of fine white diamonds into 18K gold hinged bangles to yield beautiful 3/4 CT, 1 1/3 CT and 2 CT TDW finished bracelets. Only the finest pave setting done here in New York yields the most secure and strongest setting for your fine diamonds.  Available in small wrist sizes and yellow and pink gold as well.

526 Series
1/5 CT per link. This bracelet is available in any combination of shapes and colors. 14K white, yellow and pink gold and round, princess cut, marquise, oval, pear and heart shaped diamonds. We can supply natural colors from white, yellow, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. We can also supply a selection of loose links for you to arrange according to your tastes.

546 Fleur-de-Lis
Approximately .15 CT per link and available in all shape and color combinations. This bracelet features fleur-de-lis instead of heart details on the links and two-piece castings which means we can supply prongs in the gold colors that will best compliment the diamonds.

626 Series
Tapered from 1/2 CT centers to 1/5 CT at the ends. This bracelet is a one of a kind piece featuring a unique combination of fine natural brown diamonds. However these links are available individually as well. They assemble with our 862/864 series as 'center' links and are suitable for remounting heirloom diamonds.

626 Series
These links are the same series as the 555 made in two-tone. This bracelet features cape diamonds, but like the 555 can be made to your specifications. This is our most substantial bracelet and looks and feels the part. This is an heirloom quality piece that will be passed on through your family and treasured for generations.

Gent's 826
The 826 is the classic Gent's diamond bracelet.  Both the links and the channel-set center plate are made and finished by K & E here in New York City and the weight and craftsmanship of the piece are something to be proud of.  Featuring 11 diamonds weighing in well over a carat total this bracelet looks and is the part.