Kaspar & Esh have been manufacturing fine jewelry in the United States since 1916. Currently our production focuses on fine quality natural color diamond jewelry, fine blue treated diamond jewelry, and the Add-a-Link bracelet.

The Add-a-Link bracelet is a 14k gold and fine diamond link bracelet hand made in the USA exclusively by Kaspar & Esh. Our bracelets are available in a wide range of styles, but all feature the basic concept of a gold-filled starter bracelet to be shortened as you add 14K gold diamond links to your bracelet to celebrate special occasions, or just because: Luxury, one link at a time.

Upon completion Add-a-Link bracelets can be returned to our factory for refinishing and installation of 14K gold rivets at our expense. The finished bracelet is then an heirloom-quality, 14K gold and fine diamond bracelet, backed by our manufacturer’s warranty and hinged with 14K gold riveted double-lugs. Our assembly method – 14K 032 gauge gold wire protected by 14K gold bushings – is similar to what you will find in a bicycle chain and is similarly built to last. It is the superior method of bracelet assembly and must be done by hand. Additionally we do not solder the ends of our hinges, we rivet them. Riveting provides a superior finish and it lasts longer – which is why it is used in the manufacture of ships, airplanes etc.

Our company has been in business for nearly 100 years. Our customers have made a commitment to us and an investment in our jewelry. We have an obligation to honor that commitment and protect their investment. Our insistence on the highest quality materials means that our bracelets not only look great, but are a repository of value for generations. And our commitment is to be here to service your bracelet even at is it changes hands from generation to generation in your family. This means that your bracelet will always look great and that your investment will be always be protected.

If you are considering investing in Kaspar & Esh bracelet, or are simply curious about our company, below you will find more information about our jewelry and services. Diamond jewelry is an indulgence. If you choose Kaspar & Esh diamond jewelry, it is an indulgence that will last a lifetime.